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Who are we?

About Bike Hero

Bike Hero is the first network of bicycle mechanics providing home services across Singapore. Our Bike Heroes move around with their bicycles, vans or motorcycles. They are all in charge of their own area. All Bike Heroes work as freelancers and commit to between 6 days a week to sometimes couple of hours. They are passionate cyclists and love to share their knowledge and stories of the beautiful world of bicycles!

One last question before you get started?

How do I pay?

Payment is done via Paynow or to our bank account online. You only pay after your bicycle service is provided.

Why do I need to book a maintenance service first?

The safety of our customers is our #1 priority. It is important to us that we have checked all the safety points of your bike so that it is safe and ready to hit the road. Without the ‘essential service’ we might replace a part but your bike may still have issues or be unsafe to ride. In addition, these packages help diagnose potential future issues and offer preventative care. At every visit, we will therefore conduct at least one of the maintenance packages of your choosing on each of the bicycles we service.

Where do the services take place?

Our Bike Hero will provide the service in the capark, outside your unit/house or at the washing bay if there is any.

What do I need to prepare before my Bike Hero arrives?

If you have requested an Essential, Advanced or Premium maintenance service our Bike Hero will need access to a water point, so please advise them where the nearest washing bay or water point is located. If there is no water point our Bike Hero will request a bucket of water. Our Heroes will bring everything else they need.

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