About Bike Hero

Bike Hero started with the idea of making bicycle maintenance easy and affordable for every cyclist in Singapore. O was working for a global bicycle retailer in South East Asia and was facing big challenges to offer a satisfying after sale service to customers.

On the customer side the journey was long and inconvenient:

1. Cyclists needed to bring their bicycles to a workshop. Sometimes taking a taxi if the distance between their house and the workshop was too far.

2. They needed to wait a couple of hours or days to get their bike serviced

3. Customers need to come back to the workshop pick it up the bike and finally go back home.

The process was tiring, time consuming and in some case expensive.

On the retailer side, problems were also there:

1. The usage of space for stocking the bikes to be serviced kept growing.

2. The inherent uncertainty around when customers will come made the planning of the staff complicated. It was therefore difficult to operate the workshops in an optimized way.

After looking at what kind of innovative services were offered to fellow cyclists in Europe (mainly Belgium, France and the Netherlands) we gathered the best ideas from the different concepts we saw to come up with a unique and innovative concept tailored to Singapore. Bike Hero was born.

The concept is easy:

A network of freelance mechanics providing on demand service repair everywhere in Singapore.

Our promise is straightforward:

A convenient and trustworthy solution for each cyclists looking for bicycle repair on the island.

Each Bike Hero is in charge of the area he lives in and covers on average a radius of 10km. It is efficient for the mechanics as the distance to cover is short and great for the customers as it offers great convenience and reactivity.

Bike Hero also wants to offer a satisfying solution to all their freelance mechanics by taking care of everything but the service itself. Indeed Bike Hero takes care of the sourcing of the parts, the scheduling of the customers appointments, the marketing, the billing and the after sale service if needed. Each Bike Hero can focus on their passion and what they are best at: servicing bicycles.

Today Bike Heroes are located all around Singapore. They all go through an internal skills assessment session to ensure they have the right attitude and skills to become a Bike Hero. From a single mechanic in November 2021 to 20 today and an operations team of 3, Bike Hero is growing fast to ensure each and every one continues enjoying their cycling journey in Singapore.

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