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Why do I need to book a maintenance service?

The safety of our customers is our #1 priority. It is important to us that we have checked all the safety points of your bike so that it is safe and ready to hit the road. Without the ‘essential service’ we might replace a part but your bike may still have issues or be unsafe to ride. In addition, these packages help diagnose potential future issues and offer preventative care. At every visit, we will therefore conduct at least one of the maintenance packages of your choosing on each of the bicycles we service.

Does the Bike Hero bring the parts if the bike needs some replacement?

Yes we will be able to bring and replace the parts your need. Please indicate the parts and specifications before the service so that we can arrange for the Bike Hero to bring the correct spares along.

I am not sure what my problem is. What should I book?

If you are you are not sure about the issue you are facing or the service you need please contact us via our Live Chat. One of our Bike Hero will be happy to assist you.

Where do the services take place?

Our Bike Hero will provide the service in the capark, outside your unit/house or at the washing bay if there is any.

How long do services generally take?

Our services generally last between 30 to 90minutes, depending on what is needed. The type of service and the condition of the bike will affect how long the service takes.

What do I need to prepare before my Bike Hero arrives?

If you have requested an Essential, Advanced or Premium maintenance service our Bike Hero will need access to a water point, so please advise them where the nearest washing bay or water point is located. If there is no water point our Bike Hero will request a bucket of water. Our Heroes will bring everything else they need.

What happens after my booking has been placed?

You will receive an email from us to confirm that your request has been received. If we need more information about the bicycles or the issue you are facing we will contact you via WhatsApp or email.

What if I cannot make it anymore on the requested date?

Not a problem. Please contact us as soon as possible via our Live Chat and we will re-arrange a visit.

What if during the appointment, we realize there’s additional services needed for my bicycle?

Our Bike Heroes will generally bring along additional spare parts (chains, tubes, cables and housing, brake pads). If they have the parts they will first let you know which part needs to be replaced or serviced and the additional cost. You can then decide whether to go ahead or not. If our Bike Hero does not have the parts needed, we can schedule a follow-up appointment.

Why do I need to input my email address and phone number?

We will be confirming the service, updating the status and sending the invoice by email. In case we need additional information or pictures we will contact your via WhatsApp.

When do I need to pay?

Payment occurs after the service is provided and you have tested the bicycle.

How do I pay?

Payment is done via Paynow or to our bank account online. You only pay after your bicycle service is provided.

What is the Essential package?


SGD $50
When you want your bike to be 100% safe to ride.
We check and tune up the brakes, derailleurs, headset, tires and saddle to ensure optimal safety.
Check up and tuning of:
Add any additional ad hoc repair (surcharge applies)
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What is the Advanced package?
Everything included in the Essential
Plus cleaning of:
Add any additional ad hoc repair (surcharge applies)
*Does not include service of bottom bracket and hubs*
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What is the Premium package?


SGD $120
When want your bike to be fully revised and cleaned.
Everything in advanced plus the washing of the whole bike.
Everything included in the Essential
Everything included in the Advanced
Plus washing of:
Brakes (disk/rim)
Add any additional ad hoc repair (surcharge applies)
*Does not include service of bottom bracket and hubs*
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What is the knowledge level of the Bike Heroes?

All our Bike Heroes have been carefully interviewed & selected for their knowledge, skill & experience servicing & maintaining bicycles. They have then gone through a skills assessment and been evaluated by the internal Bike Hero Quality team. After being validated, every new Bike Hero initially shadows and accompanies an experienced Bike Hero before servicing our customers bicycles.

What is the warranty policy?

We always encourage our customers to test the bike before our Bike Hero leaves to ensure the bike is good to go. If you realise there are still issues shortly after the service, please let us know as soon as possible so we can re-arrange a visit.

What if the Bike Hero cannot service my bike on the spot?

In rare cases, with complex issues, we may need additional parts or support. We will re-arrange a service as soon as possible with one of our Bike Heroes.

What does the insurance cover?

All our services are insured by QBE. The insurance covers both public liabilities and product liabilities. Public liabilities covers any damage made at the premise of our customers. Product liability covers any damage made on the bike, or incurred by the customer while riding after the service was provided.


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